Automating Price Quotes and Proposals in Salesforce

Running a business that's constantly bringing in new customers requires a lot of documentation. When Enea AdaptiveMobile Security needed a more efficient way to manage customer proposals and price quotes in Salesforce, they turned to Formstack Documents for Salesforce.


With a steady influx of new customers and renewing contracts, Enea AdaptiveMobile Security needed a way to streamline their customer proposal and price quote processes. Simply using Microsoft Word and Excel files was not an efficient way to manage their document generation. Cutting and pasting information from Salesforce into price quotes and proposals was time consuming, error-prone, and complicated. Each document took 30-40 minutes to process.


AdpativeMobile Security needed a solution that could pull data directly from their Salesforce org to quickly create accurate, error-free documents. They found the automated workflow they needed in Formstack Documents for Salesforce. With Documents for Salesforce, AdaptiveMobile was able to establish triggers so documents would automatically generate when predefined conditions were met, such as changing a lead from "open" to "won."


By automating their price quote and proposal process with Documents for Salesforce, AdaptiveMobile is able to create accurate documents for their clients with the click of a button. Rather than spending 30-45 minutes copying data from their Salesforce org and pasting it into Microsoft Word and Excel files, they simply update the status of the Salesforce record and the document is created.

AdaptiveMobile described their new process by saying, "With Formstack Documents, we can now process price quotes and proposals in less than 2-3 minutes instead of 30-45 minutes. Since starting using Formstack Documents, we've saved hundreds of hours when all staff activities are considered. Formstack Documents simplifies processes that were once time-consuming and demanding into more accurate, faster workflows."

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Improved quote process

Reduced sale quote production from 45 minutes to 3

Improved efficiency

Eliminated manual data entry

Saved time

Automated system saves hundreds of hours

Optimized Salesforce

Created a document generation process triggered by Salesforce

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